Love and Pranayama

Love heals.  Love expands the body, it nourishes the cells, it soothes the mind and repairs the spirit.  Hate, does the opposite.  Hate destroys the body, it clutters the mind and diminishes the spirit.

Consider the five senses; our body digests what we hear, what we see, the things we feel, taste and smell.  The senses can either feed the body and mind, or they can destroy the body and mind.  Constant assaults on the five senses constrict blood flow, reduce range of motion and shorten the breath, creating a perfect breeding ground for sickness and imbalance.

Through proper intention, daily yoga, using the right words and surrounding yourself with positive beautiful vibrations, we can help reduce ama or toxins in the body and we help to increase the vital energy that grows cells and expands every living thing around you.

In Ayurveda there are many ways to understand the negative impact that hate, hateful intention and fear have on the mind and body.   One way is to look at the the negative impact of hate on the body is through the lens of the Five Koshas, the koshas are sheaths, or five states of consciousness that are interrelated. Those states are Annamaya Kosha, (physical sheath) Pranamaya Kosha (vital energy, oxygen), Manomaya Kosha (mental energy, thoughts, vision) Vijyanmaya Kosha (higher knowledge, connection to All) and the final kosha called Anandamaya Kosha ( oneness, peace).  Understanding the interplay between all the koshas, especially annamaya kosha, the first sheath which governs the physical and is related to the five senses (things we see, hear, touch, smell and do) annamaya kosha affects prana – or the pranamaya kosha which is directly related to your vital energy. This vital energy is needed to nourish the dhatus or the tissues of the body.

Still, our bodies are more than just muscle, tissue, bones and nerves. In  Ayurveda, energetic flow is explained by understanding the astral channels called nadis lines.  Nadis lines can be ignited or they can be extinguished with increase or decrease in pranic energy.  When the nadis lines become blocked due to oxygen constriction, lack of circulation, reduced movement and breath control, the systems slow down.  Poor diet, negative words or stressful situations reduce prana in the body.  Conversely, yoga, loving thoughts, kind words and mindful eating reverse the ill effects of physical stagnation and disease of mind and body.

We can’t change violent actions or words, but we can prevent ourselves from being impacted by hate, fear and worry.  Increase pranayama and rearrange your physical space to combat the negative, destructive energy.  Try love where hate, fear and anger come in.  Bring some love to the food you eat, the words you speak, the actions you take.  See if replacing knee-jerk responses with mindful intention helps to increase a sense of calm.  Remain in the space between action and reaction and watch how pranic energy (love’s vital force) expands in your soul, and in your body.

As Mahatma Gandhi says: “where there is love, there is life”.  It is that simple.


Ramona Bessinger

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