“Spiritual Gangster” Prana Junkie? I Say Yes To All Of The Above.

The term “spiritual gangster” or PranaJunkie can be understood in this way.  For me, both terms means to live life to achieve moksha, dharma, atman (knowledge of the soul and self) and karma? It means to give back, to live your life in the fullest, to find physical calm and presence so you can contribute and redistribute out to the world.

I love Ayurveda because the principles that lead to moksha (balanced state) are the same principles that have taught me  how to understand so many things about my body and good health.  Ayurveda has enhanced my yoga practice, and speaks to common sense living, eating, and breathing, it is the vehicle for anyone who considers himself to be a “spiritual gangster” or prana junkie.

All kidding aside, to embrace ayurvedic principles is not hard to do.  One needs to simply look at the body as a balanced set of systems that open all the physical channels, the srotas, (the passages or roadway to all the systems in the body) -you balance your doshas, (see previous post on “Yoga and the Doshas) you clear the srotas (channels in the body) you then clear the mind so that one can participate in life in a full state of presence and mindfulness.

First, ayurveda in sanskrit, is a conjunction: “ayur” means life, and “veda” means knowledge.  Combined, the word ayurveda means knowledge of life.  To know the body is to know a balanced life, to achieve moksha,  and to be the very best at who we are.

Difficult? Not if you take the time to see that we are hardwired to live and feel happiness.  We are hardwired to give back, so let the full expression of that natural state be realized in yourself and then back out to the world.


When life gets crazy or things begin to spiral out of control, when negativity makes its way to inner circle of your being, ayurvedic principles can help to bring the body and mind back to homeostasis so that our own personal positive vibration can manifest in our families, our work and in everything we do.  It is that beautifully simple.


Ramona Bessinger



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