Peace On Earth The Sattvic Yogi’s Way

As we move through the shortest days, remember to take in light-filled foods and light-filled actions for the body.  Balance your doshas, your sub doshas and nourish your winter self with light giving scents, oils and foods.

We all can use a little healing from time to time. Understanding our bodies and minds can provide us with that beautiful moment of realization that our suffering is often a reflection of what we digest, eat, and the way we live.

When energies are disturbed in the body, or if they are displaced, the body and mind can become vulnerable to imbalance and sickness.   Here are some recommendations for the winter blues-

Kapha Dosha- represented by the earth and water elements-filled with devotion, allegiance and grounding energy-rock solid is kapha dosha.

During the winter months, the kapha constitution can be plagued with a sluggish, mucousy imbalances. When ojas is disturbed in kapha dosha types, the body’s natural resistance to fight off disease is disturbed resulting in infections and mucous build-up.   Too much ojas for kapha types means you will be susceptible to colds and lung disorders. Drink rose petal tea and take a vinyasa flow yoga class, and consider a garshana treatment in order to break up stagnation in the body


Pitta Dosha -represented by fire and water elements- fiery, fast and furious is pitta dosha.

Tejas exsists in the body in the form of energetic fire, it is your agni, your digestive power – not just internally, but external digestion of what we see hear and touch. It is associated with pitta because individuals with a pitta constitution, respond physically or verbally to stimulation, the pitta dosha type, will digest everything they see, touch, hear, smell, and taste.   Too much stimulation for pitta will result in a tejas imbalance.    For pitta dosha, tejas imbalance manifests in hyper sensitivity, exhaustion due to too much activity of the mind and body, and internal agitation of the digestive system. Tejas governs agni, which for pitta always needs to be balanced and soothed.  During these long winter days, pitta personalities should drink plenty of room temperature water with soothing springs of lavender, when pitta’s tejas is not balanced, it is time to be soothed with ashtanga yoga, and and warm oil abyhanga treatments.

Vata Dosha -represented in ether and air elements-whimsical, fast moving, lean, always shifting gear is vata dosha.

Prana is the life-energy that governs respiration, oxygenation and circulation. It governs the motor and sensory functions. According to Dr Lad, the seat of prana is in the brain, the heart and the blood, therefore controlling oxygenation of the dhatus, or the vital organs and agni. Prana is located in the hypothalamus of the brain. This area in the brain sends messages to the parasympathetic nervous system and the diaphragm.   So guess what? Breathe! And then breathe some more. When the lungs are full of carbon dioxide, the hypothalamus is stimulated, it then sends a secondary message to the diaphragm to expand. This expansion of the diaphragm increases oxygen to the rasa and rakta, the blood dhatus or tissues. An imbalance in prana can result in lack of oxygen and physical and emotional stagnation. Vata types can sometimes be plagued with disorders of prana and this may manifest in them in too much movement, oversensitivity, and the need to constantly move and switch gears.  Vata types need to rest with heavy blankets to help soothe their everlasting need to move, they need soothing orange blossom, and shirodhara treatments.12068574_10153695834913185_8545841746596401931_o

Know your body, know yourself.  It is that simple


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