Salute The Sun




Move into the shape with ease, because with ease comes increased oxygen or pranayama. Your internal energy is strengthened, not depleted. This is possibly the hardest phase to master because most people see the shape, the asana, as a challenge, a goal. In this second phase, you need to let the breath move the body and forget about the end product. Otherwise you cannot progress through the posture, and you risk getting injured.


Find the dynamic energetic flow of remaining in equilibrium. In other words, as you move and breathe, find balance and do not let the shape cause panic or ego driven, goal-oriented effort. When the ego begins to take over, slow the movement and return to your breathing. Let your breathing be the posture. By maintaining breath control, balance is restored to the body, space is created in the chakras, the tissues (dhatus of the body), the mind falls into alignment with the body and an overall sense of calm and peace is restored.


Sweet Spot

Balance and relaxation in the posture. This is the point in your practice where the chi or prana is strongest. This is where maximum benefits can be reached and where you find the “such” or sweet spot of each shape.



Find love in your movement.  Sweep out of the posture without a struggle. Again, let the breath move you. To transition from one posture to the next with aggression or ego-determination defeats the health benefits of each shape. If you observe these five steps and think about your own personal practice, you will see where the body and mind fall out of alignment, and where frustration or annoyance take over.

Get the most out of each breath.  Om namah shivaya.


Ramona Bessinger

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