Just Breathe

What happens to the brain and body as the result of a steady inhalation and exhalation in yoga?


According to Dr. Vasant Lad, a leading expert in Ayurvedic principles, a daily yoga practice can enhance cellular growth in the frontal cortex of the brain.  There is synapse-genesis and neuron-genesis. In plain English, this is the part of the brain that governs how we respond to stress.

Notice what worries you prior to yoga, then watch how the steady practice of vipassana soothes your panic-mind and replaces it with clarity and calm.  With each vipassana breath our brain grows and develops. The myelin sheath protects the nerves (no more frayed nerves). The result is that you will be able to focus better, feel less anxiety and know calm.

Isn’t this a better way to go through life than panicked, frantic and worried all the time?

According to classical Ayurvedic principles, one of the benefits of this steady long vipassana breath is activation of the five senses. The benefit of heightened senses is that we experience life, living, relationships and the world in a more profound and beautiful way.

This is not to say that everything will be perfect all the time, because for sure there will be times when life hijacks your inner calm. But seriously – why just exist when living can be so much more meaningful?

Just breathe.

The opposite of practicing vipassana, is the dulling of all the senses and constant pain and suffering, anxiety and worry. With a daily practice, and remaining mind -full rather than mind-empty, you will experience the flip side of suffering which is love, peace and tranquility. When moving in life or in yoga, consider the benefits of vipassana. (be mindful).  Move prana inward and downward (apana) stay in the now, and you will feel the presense of something greater than yourself awaken your mind, body and soul.

It is that simple.


Ramona Bessinger


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