In 2016 Resolve Never To Be Right Again


Quiet the chatter in your mind.  Make room for space, calm and ease

Chitta Vritti is the Sanskrit term to describe the constant flow of chatter in the brain. Chitta means seeing a situation through a sense, or a story. Vritti means repetitive waves of nervous energy. Together, the words paint a picture of a state of being that is loveless and worry-filled.  Known also as “monkey-mind,” the chitta vritti state of mind is wrought with nervous energy.

As the chitta vritti takes over, worry manifests and grows in the mind.

Space for calm and space for love is diminished and replaced with fear and anxiety.  The senses are dulled, the mind’s capacity to remain in a calm, loving state is also impaired. When this happens, the “monkey-mind” is takes over the calm mind.

In our quiet minds we can experience love, like in prayer or meditation. 

To love is to ignite the process of illumination in another being. This can only be done if your own mind is able to receive illuminating thoughts and feelings. Love is cellular growth, it is the exchange of energy. It the giving and the receiving of energy.

Being in a loving state is healthy

If love expands and allows for cellular growth, then the absence of love is cellular destruction. It is a slow death of the self. Every time you focus on an un-loving thought, you restrict breathing, prana is shortened, and cellular growth is diminished.  What follows are actions based on worry and fear, and in this space, no love can exist.

The negative monkey-mind destroys

The thinking mind is the part of the mind that sees the world and reports back to the brain. In this exchange, the mind has the ability to make choices about what it sees. In Sanskrit it is explained through the principle of tejas. Tejas is electric current in the body, when prana is strong, tejas is strong, when prana is weak and the monkey-mind is present, the body’s tejas is weakened.

Kundalini Shakti

Tejas helps the release of chitta vritti or chatter in the mind, it is released with the inhalation and exhalation of oxygen.  As you breathe and meditate, the bio-spiritual combination of kundalini shakti is released and the chitta vittri is pacified.  In this soothed state, the mind can make way for love, peace and calm.


Ramona Bessinger

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