Ayurveda Massage by Ramona Bessinger LMT

“Nature is the true physician”  Susanna Way Dodds


I love essential oils.   In this article I explore the possible essential oils for your body type.  What scents work for you?

Essential oils are a beautiful way to help soothe the doshas, the physical body as well as the spiritual body. When you are having an off day or feel out of sorts, just a brief passing waft of an essential oil can help shift your mood.



The scent from an essential oil in the form of a sachet or diluted in a base oil, neat (pure essential oil) applied direct can be used as an external mood elevator.

The scent of essence of jasmine can activate a positive memory and evoke feelings of love and sometimes elation. Knowing which oil soothes your doshas can further add to your aromatic experience.

Add rosemary to your scalp to help stimulate the follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

Basil, sweet orange, and essential bergamot combined elevate the mood.  Heal what ails you the natural way.


Ramona Bessinger LMT


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