Natural Solutions For Healthy Hair And Skin

For the hair:

I take generous amounts of ghee butter and scrub into strands of hair. I comb through my hair then braid it, creating a mask. Personally, I love to leave the ghee on my hair overnight then shampoo it off in the morning for extra deep moisture.
Steps to follow for your deep oelation:

Take chickpea flour and clean the surface of your skin by rubbing the powder all over your body.  Rinse flour-scrub off your body.

  • Pour all your fat, and essential oils into your hot water.
    Soak in tub for as long s you can stand it.
    Work the oil into skin and hair
    Towel-dry your body, and leave your healing oils on overnight to do their job.
    Make a ghee butter mask for hair and leave in overnight



Pink Flowers

For The Skin:

Coconut Bath

Half a jar of coconut oil
Essential camphor or mint leaves will do
Essential orange blossom or the peels of oranges
Try sweet smoky scent of khus, balsam, sandalwood, or jasmine.

Sesame Oil Bath

4 or more cups of Sesame oil
A generous serving of Shea butter is a must!
Essential rose or rose petals
Essential basil or basil leaves for the aroma
Hina, sandalwood or amber.

Sunflower Oil Bath

4 cups of Sunflower oil
Bergamot is a nice citrusy scent if the minty herbs are too much
Try amber or musk if the other oils are not available.

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Ramona Bessinger LMT


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