Balance For The New Year


Patanjali’s system of Yoga provides us with methodology to break down emotional and physical barriers that prevent us from knowing self-love and subsequently love for another.

In Ayurveda, the physical practice of yoga is an integral part of healing one’s body and mind.

Patanjali’s Sutras, in particular the Yamas and Ni Yamas entail simple principles to guide us in conduct and intentions that help us attain Samadhi- or balance in the body and mind. In a world where stimulus comes from so many places– when the pressures of life, work, children become too much – relationships often suffer. Strong principles rooted in common sense can have a profound effect on your making a good choice for a long-lasting relationship.

These sutras called the Yamas and Ni Yamas, form a template of commonsense principles to live by.

Find Equanimity With Patanjali’s Ten Yamas and Ni Yamas 

  • Ahisma: To practice ahisma means to never injure any living thing.  This includes injury inflicted by words as well as physical violence.
  •  Satya: Always speak the truth. Live honestly.  
  • Asteya: Do not always need (things) or people.
  • Bramacharya: Respect your body. Practice yoga, meditation or deep breathing.
  • Aparigraha: Think about what you can do for others. 
  • Saucha: Physical clarity. Keep your physical space clean and clutter-free.
  • Santosha:.  Try not to be overly concerned with finding fault in others or situations.   Create a domain of moksha or shanti (peace).  
  •  Tapas: Internal fire. Your relationships will be stronger if you have a personal physical practice that creates internal fire. 
  •  Swadhyaya: Self-inquiry.  This may be the hardest of them all.  No one likes to look at their words, their daily actions.  Take time each day and ask yourself if there was a situation, action or thought that contributed to someone’s pain or suffering.  
  • Ishwara Pranidhana: Let go of all negativity.  Let it wash away and live your life-


Ramona Bessinger

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