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Vastus Shilpa Shastra: The architecture of your personal space

Having a peaceful, well-organized home free of excess items, free of dirt and clutter has a beautiful effect on my mind and body.  At the very core, a calm household, a beautiful clear space helps me to be a better person, teacher and mother.

Why is that?  The answer may be in the Ayurvedic principle of Vastus Shilpa Shastra

Vastu shastra is based on various energies that come from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy and wind energy. These energies should be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success.  Over the past three months I have been completely consumed with a very difficult and tumultuous move.  Specifically over the last month when the actual move took place.  I found myself completely out of sorts both physically and emotionally.  Conversely, as the move progressed, my overall physical and emotional state adjusted positively.  IMG_1644

As I settled into the house I started thinking about the space, the light and orientation of of my furniture.  I knew intrinsically that the placement of all items either felt right or did not feel right at all. Wanting to know more about the relationship of space on the body, I looked to the Ayurvedic principles.

In Ayurveda, direction is an important concept: what we see affects our doshas, (our physical balance) Like our bodies, our homes, our spaces should always be free of clutter and excess.  Like our bodies, a cluttered home can contribute to feelings of unrest or sickness.   According to the Ayurvedic texts on Vastus principles, if your home does not adhere to rules of directional flow and balance, then it will be a place for all sort of problems and worries.  In part, this explains the overall feeling of unrest and worry I felt during my own move and transition.IMG_1647

The Vedic understanding of physical space and  arrangement is called vastu shilpa shastra.  It means to balance your home in the a way that balances all the elements.  The way I understand this concept as it is explained in the classical texts is that lines created by objects in the home should direct your attention to the east, west, south, and north.  Obstacles that prevent the flow of these energetic lines towards any direction cause physical and emotional stagnation. This could explain why the process of moving boxes, and disorganization cause emotional and physical stress.IMG_1640

My home is not fancy or grand, but rather it flows and offers me a feeling of peace and possibilities.  As I moved out of my old house, then into my new home, I found myself almost obsessed with creating open clear spaces that evoked calm and joy. As items fell into place, I started to feel better.  I reorganized, rearranged until everything had a home and faced the proper direction.  My kitchen and living room face southeast in the direction of Fire.  This flow is appropriate and comfortable for cooking and for eating, the other rooms all feel well-balanced and peaceful.  The Ether in my home or middle spaces are open for clarity.  Grounding, stable furniture allows for the Earth energy to provide a stable sensation while windows allow the Air element to provide oxygen for healthy sleep and or for meditation. IMG_1705

Finally, in my resettling journey, I have kept in mind the following Ayurvedic principles:  my home is not just a building or an address, it is shelter, a place I long to return to, a place that keeps me warm and cool, it is a place that helps me to connect to nature and also the spirit.  My home is my sanctuary and I am grateful for all it provides – It is that simple.

Prateeksha : You long to go back to your home.
Ashraya : Shelter for you
Chaaya : Shadow(A shade for you to cool down)
Prakriti : Nature
Sannidhaama : Holy place


Ramona Bessinger